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specialists in IT performance & stability


Using rapid problem resolution we provide expert assistance in the technical diagnosis of recurring IT problems

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Giving you and your team complete end-to-end visibility of the performance of a system

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Helping businesses avoid problems whilst making major changes

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Training and mentoring in troubleshooting methods and techniques

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News & Events

RPR Public Course Schedule for 2014

The third course of 2014 will be held in London on October 7th & 8th.


More Information About Windows Fileserver Response Time

In another short video for LoveMyTool, Paul investigates the impact of SMB 2 multi-credits on response time measurement.


LMTV Interview of Paul Offord

Paul was interviewed on LMTV’s Denny Miu this week. Paul chatted about Advance7′s history, the company’s philosophy and the challenges of running a commercial troubleshooting services.


itSMF UK Awards 2013

Paul Offord is itSMF UK 2013 Award Finalist


RPR® Manual

If you would like to receive a complimentary eBook copy of the RPR manual please register here.

We help global businesses maintain the performance and stability of their IT systems

We help IT departments to avoid and resolve recurring grey problems.  We also help them to develop advanced problem diagnosis skills so that they achieve fast and reliable IT problem resolution. Our clients tell us that they use our services because of our:

  • Troubleshooting experience and problem solving techniques
  • Structured approach to IT problem analysis
  • Impartiality and honesty


4 to 9 Days from Root Cause



If you are struggling to fix a recurring grey problem then we have some good news.  You could know the root cause of the problem in just 4 to 9 days. Find out how by clicking here.