Advance7 has established a world-class reputation for helping our clients to avoid and resolve IT performance and stability issues.  We are acknowledged leaders in the area of IT troubleshooting where we innovate, disrupt and continuously challenge the status quo.  We have a 25-year track record, and an enviable blue-chip customer list. We have established relationships with industries ranging from Banking to Aerospace to Central Government.

If you are looking for a challenging career where every day can be different and you thrive on a steep learning curve, you should give us a call. We have a structured training and mentoring programme in place where you will be supported and guided throughout. If you value the opportunity for learning and self-development we have that on offer along with a comprehensive remuneration and benefits package.

Current Vacancies

Junior DevOps Engineer

FullSizeRender smlTo further expand our business we are recruiting a high calibre Junior DevOps candidate for our Stansted office.

We provide high class troubleshooting, helping clients resolve and prevent IT performance, reliability and stability issues. Our evidence-based findings and reports to clients are developed from deep diagnostic data anlaysis which requires out of the box thinking.

We are still founder-owned and offer professional and reliable services while sticking to our core principles. Having a stable longstanding workforce and considerable experience in this field, we have a huge wealth of knowledge to share with the successful candidate. We expect that within 3 years you will have all the technical skills required to move into a Performance Engineering role where you will lead projects and be in a position to be snapped up as a real asset to any company, but due to the variety of work and clientele, you won’t want to change!

Successful Performance Engineers are highly analytical whilst being able to look outside of the box and not settle for the first apparent solution; we delve deeper to secure hard and fast evidence proving where the problem lies and how it can be resolved. Utilising a wide variety of technologies and techniques, the successful candidate will have a well-rounded technical skill set but want to continue their learning and develop their technical skill set further.

The variety of work is huge and a good snap shot is the Case Study page. This will give you a better idea of what you could be involved in.

Advance7 DevOps Engineers work on both primary and background tasks. About 60% of their time is spent delivering Advance7 services, which include:

  • Troubleshooting complex performance and stability problems
  • Optimising application performance
  • De-risking change through performance and capacity impact assessment

The main revenue stream comes from the contracted delivery of services to a group of large financial service businesses.  Additional revenue is earned through ad-hoc projects for a wide range of repeat customers. The Junior DevOps engineer will initially provide assistance to members of the senior team before moving into a direct revenue-earning role. This will give you time to find your feet and  make sure you are comfortable and thoroughly understand the process.

Between customer projects, Advance7 Engineers work on a variety of background tasks, which currently include:

  • Development of data analysis and collaboration software (C# .NET) and cloud services (Java)
  • Migration of internal systems to a public cloud environment
  • Development of a new online service (Java and AWS)

Your work at Advance7 will be varied and exciting, and encourage you to hone your DevOps skills and experience through a structured training and mentoring programme to support and guide your development. If you are enthusiastic about learning and self-development, Advance7 have that on offer, along with a comprehensive remuneration and benefits package.


  • Passion – about technology and learning new things
  • Tenacity – in the pursuit of a goal and finding pragmatic ways to overcome obstacles
  • Communication – a good standard of oral and written communication skills
  • Programming – basic skills in a mainstream language such as Java, C# or Python
  • Services – an understanding of the role of servers and services
  • Database – a basic knowledge of relational databases and SQL
  • Network – a basic knowledge of IP networking
  • Education – in maths or science to A-level standard


  • Application Development – experience of writing code, such as for a university project
  • Degree – education to degree level
  • Virtualisation – knowledge of the concepts
  • Microservice Concepts – including an understanding of the advantages


  • Personal Website, Blog or Community – generation of content or online participation
  • Data Querying and Analysis – experience in the use of tools such as R, Elastic Stack or Splunk
  • Public Cloud Technology – experience using AWS or Azure
  • Operating System – knowledge of Windows or Linux to sysadmin level
  • NVF – any training or certification relating to networks, IP telephony or firewall technologies

To be considered for this role, please apply immediately by emailing your CV to

Please do not contact us if you are a recruitment agency.  Only applications from private individuals will be processed.

Applications Developer – Systems Administrator – SysAdmin – Troubleshooting – Problem resolution – Technical – Engineer – DevOps