Network Switch Bug hits Fintech Provider


Senior Infrastructure Manager, International Fintech Company


Our customer was experiencing outages in their customer-facing services. The cause had already been determined as a vendor-acknowledged bug in the networking equipment. A work-around had been applied for specific services however, this left the IT department unable to provide assurances that the bug would not affect other systems across their physical and virtualised estate.


Working with the customer we ascertained which elements were susceptible to the problem.  Using our standard structured approach, we devised a Diagnostic Capture Plan to discover whether the bug was affecting or could affect these other elements.  We analysed the behaviour of those elements by using network capture and other device output.


By analysing the behaviour of each device, we were able to demonstrate why certain device classes were susceptible and others were not.

None of the real or virtual servers were affected by the bug, however several network components were at risk.  By chance the bug had not affected these elements but potentially would in any failover situation.


Armed with this knowledge, the IT department was able to implement the work-around for the affected components before the bug caused a service failure, and rule out other infrastructure elements.  It could then provide positive assurance to the business that the infrastructure was sound and that the problem would not reoccur.

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