Cloud Migration Services

Like you, our clients have a “cloud-first” strategy. Many of the early adopters went through some pain before they were able to deliver cloud-based applications that performed well and remained stable day in, day out. Through our Cloud Migration Services, we help our clients to deliver performant and stable applications running on public, private and hybrid cloud architectures. Specifically, we help programme managers, project managers and SRE teams in enterprises and public bodies to:

  • Mitigate risk through advanced dependency mapping information for reliable migration planning
  • Maximise ROI by optimising application design and configuration ahead of migration
  • Set expectations by determining which existing problems will be resolved by migration
  • Confirm post-migration performance by baselining performance before, during and after migration
  • Restore full service by resolving performance and stability problems that arise during and after migration
  • Leverage the cloud platform by optimising performance and stability post-migration

Advanced Dependency Mapping

If your approach is to rehost (lift & shift) or replatform (lft, tinker & shift) an existing application, it’s critical that you identify all of the underpinning components and services. This type of dependency mapping is a standard pre-migration task, but we provide much more detail than a simple list of dependencies.

Our clients have found that you also need to know how the system will behave if some components are in the cloud and others are in an existing data centre. This question arises for hybrid models, but is also a matter of concern during migration as applications are often moved in phases.

We enrich the dependency mapping data with information such as protocols used, bandwidth demand and latency sensitivity. This enables our clients to plan the migration in a way that doesn’t impact performance or stability.

Pre-migration Optimisation

Using the information from the advanced dependency mapping exercise, we share optimisation ideas with development teams, product owners and infrastructure managers. This further mitigates migration risks, increases the range of migration options and avoids translating existing poor design into the new cloud environment.

Setting Expectations

An application will often have some existing performance and stability issues. To correctly set the expectations of stakeholders, it’s important to determine which problems will be resolved by the migration and which will simply be carried over into the new cloud environment. We help our programme managers set realistic expectations so that targets are achievable, and confidence in the programme and project teams remains high.

Performance Baselining

Sometimes business units will complain that the migration of an application to the cloud has compromised performance. Without any objective measurements it can be difficult to address this issue. We help our clients to mitigate this risk by baselining application performance before and after migration.

Performance and Stability Remediation

No matter how carefully a cloud migration is planned, problems arise from time-to-time. We have seen this place extreme pressure on an entire project team, and delay project completion. We help our clients get projects back on track with expert, hands-on help with problem diagnosis and resolution.

Post-migration Optimisation

The change in business needs is relentless, with an expectation that new features will be delivered quickly and reliably. Features and configuration changes are made quickly, without the luxury of being able to consider the long-term affects. We help our clients take a periodic look at load and error rates to avoid future problems. Better that than deal with a instability during the ISA renewal season or, slow site performance on Black Friday.