React Fixed Price

What is REACT Fixed Price?

REACT is a 100% guaranteed, evidence based, technical troubleshooting service that rapidly identifies the root cause of any complex application performance or IT stability issue. Visit the REACT page for more information.

We’ve introduced a fixed price option for our flagship REACT service of just £16,500 exc. VAT, payable only after we have provided irrefutable proof of the root cause! It’s available for a limited time to new and existing customers.

Why fixed price?

To simplify and speed up engagement by helping you to justify and obtain budget approval quickly and easily. There are no hidden cost and no escalating charges, just one price and one result … peace of mind.

We want you to experience the flagship REACT service just like hundreds of our satisfied customers and to get your problem fixed quickly.


Our suppliers have been struggling for months, how can you work on a No Fee basis and guarantee to find the root cause?  

Our structured approach, use of custom analysis tools and the combined knowledge of our Performance and Stability Engineering team has given us a highly successful 30 year track record.

How successful is the REACT service and how long have you been in business? 

We were founded in 1989 and have a 100% success rate at identifying the root-cause! 

Who have you delivered this service to? 

We work with enterprises from most business sectors, public bodies and service providers. See our clients page.

How does the REACT service work? 

The initial objective is to determine the technical root cause.  We do this by capturing diagnostic data at the precise moment that a user has a problem.  We then stop the capture and analyse the data.  It’s like watching a crime being committed on CCTV. Once we have root cause we work with the owner of the causing technology to determine the fix.

How do you overcome the blame game between technical teams and suppliers?

When required, we can work and communicate with all your teams and suppliers at a very technical level.  Our scientific approach means that we will deliver irrefutable proof in the form of definitive diagnostic data collected during the time that the problem occurred. We will provide a clear and concise report and hold a project workshop to make sure everyone has clearly understood, and are in agreement with, the findings presented. 

Will your work be intrusive and potentially cause more performance issues by using additional system resources? 

No, almost all of the techniques used are zero impact or very light touch (so low that you would find it difficult to measure the impact).  Very occasionally we may need to use a more invasive technique like collecting system dumps during a hang.  However, this is done with the full understanding of the IT team and the business unit, and we always fully discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such an approach. 

What resources do I need to provide in terms of people and equipment? 

We aim to minimise any related workload; we understand that your team is very busy. 

We do not need you to provide any additional equipment.  We will need data from existing equipment and may require the activation of additional logging.  All these matters are dealt with in the Diagnostic Capture Plan.  We have a tremendous amount of experience working with teams to get the right result, and so we often determine ways of overcoming potential obstacles. 

How much of my IT team’s time will you take up? 

That is very dependent on the complexity of the problem and the support arrangements together with the degree to which you wish your staff to be involved in the investigation.  Our clients typically see a drop of at least a 50% in effort relating to the investigation.  More importantly, our customers see a reduction of around 80% in the duration of the problem, freeing your staff sooner.  If you are interested in reducing the workload still further, please talk to us about our Affinity service. 

How do you prove that you have identified root cause? 

We produce annotated diagnostic evidence of the cause of the problem.  Our own internal process demands we explain how the diagnostic evidence proves the cause of the problem.  This is an important point.  Unlike some consultancies that take a health check approach to problem diagnosis (mainly based on statistics, notoriously subjective and opinion-based) we take a scientific approach to produce hard evidence. 

How quickly can you be onsite and diagnosing the problem? 

Within days or even hours. 

Can you help identify the root cause of Major Incidents? 

We specialise in determining the root cause of recurring problems.  We have found that we can apply our scientific approach to a past incident and so we should discuss your MI.  We also take a proactive approach for clients where we write and execute a Diagnostic Capture Plan so that if the problem happens again we capture the diagnostic data to determine root cause. 

Can we buy or hire your custom toolkits? 

We provide a range of options to hire our toolkits for a project or for longer periods.

What’s the catch? 

There is no catch, that’s why our service is so successful and long running. We have relationships with major blue-chip companies who use us because we provide a first class and innovative service

How do I get you in to start troubleshooting? 

Call or contact us to request a briefing and we’ll arrange a WebEx where we can discuss your problem.  Within hours of this call, we’ll send you a commercial quote for the work.