REACT Project Tracker

Visible Progress

REACT Project Tracker takes enterprise troubleshooting to a new level. From anywhere, at any time, the tracker provides technical support and service operations people with an up-to-the-minute view of active REACT projects. Now you can answer those tricky questions:

  • How close are we to fixing the problem?
  • What needs to happen next?
  • Is anything delaying the investigation?
  • Who owns the problem right now?

The tracker’s interactive process view allows stakeholders to get an instant view of the state of an investigation.  A single click takes you straight to the detail.

Cohesive Team

The complexity of organisations and support structures means that a problem investigation can lack cohesion. The REACT Project Tracker provides a consistent view of an investigation, keeping everyone focused on the task in hand, and maximising the effectiveness of all involved. No more meandering conference calls, no more duplicated effort, just the raw troubleshooting power of a cohesive team.

Try for Yourself

Click here to try the REACT Project Tracker.

Security and Confidentiality

As you would expect, the REACT Project Tracker is secure and confidential. Access security is provided by a random digital key, and confidentiality through 128-bit SSL encryption. The tracker never contains sensitive information (user IDs, IP addresses, etc.).