RPR (Rapid Problem Resolution)

What it is

“Rapid Problem Resolution” (RPR) is Advance7’s evidence-based, iterative IT troubleshooting process.  It guarantees the identification of root cause to any IT problem; independently of the technology stacks or support regimes.

Business Benefits

  • IT obtains “root cause” within hours and days, not weeks or months.
  • Cuts measurable lost productivity by a factor of at least 12%
  • Avoid costly capital upgrades / extend the service life of systems
  • Increases user / IT
  • Kudos given to IT department

How it works

  • Each run of the process focuses on one symptom
  • For individual events of the symptom, Diagnostic Data is collected from each part of the end-to-end system.
  • Diagnostic Data is analysed, and specific changes or fixes are then applied.
  • One symptom might have many root causes, and this process finds them all, iteratively.
  • However, one fix might solve many different symptoms.

Resources and Training

Whilst Advance7 delivers RPR via its REACT troubleshooting service to customers, consider that your company or IT department can also adopt RPR.  Join 450+ other practitioners worldwide!

We offer training courses and resources to help you to achieve this. See below for more information: