Affinity: Fixed Price Troubleshooting

The support complexities of selective outsourcing, Anything-as-a-Service and cloud means that it’s becoming more difficult to deal with recurring performance and stability issues. Organisations that have recognised this challenge have created cross technology troubleshooting teams, but building such a team takes time and people.

Diagram showing how information flows from the Affinity Team

We combine our skilled team of troubleshooting specialists with advanced tools and bespoke procedures to provide a turnkey Cross-technology Troubleshooting Team. Our team collaborates with in-house and supplier technical support teams to:

  • Prove which technology is causing a problem
  • Produce annotated data to show the cause of the problem
  • Work with the team that owns the technology to determine a fix

Affinity has a fixed annual charge, and tools are permanently installed so that an investigation can start immediately when needed.

If the ultimate objective is to build an in-house team with this capability, Affinity provides a stepping stone to achieve that. Advance7 can install the tools, devise the procedures, help select team members, train and mentor new people and progressively handover to the in-house team.

Call 01279 211668 and ask to talk to Paul Offord to discuss your long-term troubleshooting objectives.