Cloud Migration Services

We successfully help our customers deliver performant and stable applications running on public, private and hybrid cloud architectures.

Migrating applications is not as commonplace as migrating infrastructures and there are many complicated technical challenges that need to be overcome.  These include: 

  • Identifying the platform technical factors, such as service protocols, that affect the choice of cloud provider, service and architecture
  • Mitigating the end user experience, performance and stability risks associated with cloud migration
  • Instrumenting specific tooling in the cloud to monitor and collect performance diagnostic data.
  • Remediating any performance or stability problems pre, post and during migration
  • Optimally tuning application and transport layers for improving performance today and to cover growth in the future

Our Performance & Reliability Engineers have taken their in-depth technical know-how and codified it in to our advanced toolkits to provide answers to these tough technical challenges. Allowing you to make the right decisions faster.

Advanced Technical Dependency Mapping

To plan the migration in a way that doesn’t impact performance or stability, it’s critical that you identify all of the underpinning components and services. We enrich traditional dependency mapping data with:

  • Compatibility of protocols and technology used
  • Data flows between application components
  • Bandwidth demand
  • Application transaction latency sensitivity.

Setting Expectations

An application will often have some existing performance and stability issues. Using our successful REACT troubleshooting techniques, we will identify: 

  • Application coding changes that would improve cloud performance
  • Application server configuration changes that would improve cloud performance
  • Platform configuration changes that would improve cloud performance, stability and manageability

Objective Performance Baselining

Sometimes business units will complain that the migration of an application to the cloud has compromised performance. User performance baselining provides evidence to the business on application performance variances.  Using our advanced toolkits, we will measure live as well as synthetic application performance data, from both an end user perspective and system component basis, pre, during and post-migration.  We provide a custom cloud based performance dashboard.

Performance & Stability Remediation

No matter how carefully a cloud migration is planned, problems arise from time-to-time. We have seen this place extreme pressure on an entire project team, and delay project completion. Advance7 will rapidly identify the root cause of any Application Performance issue.  Using specialised custom tools, highly skilled problem analysis experts and structured methodology, we guarantee to find the root cause of any application performance issue regardless of the technology involved.

Post-migration Optimisation

Our technical experience of the many vendor system tools, cloud monitoring tools and using our own toolkits we can identify the proper instrumentation of your chosen cloud computing platform to provide you with the performance diagnostic data required to continually optimise and remediate any future performance or stability issues.