IMPACT: Project Success

IMPACT eliminates the risk of IT performance and stability problems during periods of change, such as moving to a cloud solution or deploying a new application.

How this benefits you

  • Gathers information with light-touch measurements so that production IT services are unaffected.
  • Ensures your project delivers a solution that is stable and performs well.
  • Ensures your project doesn’t impact the performance and stability of existing applications.

This is our approach

  • Gain a full understanding of your project, its objectives and the performance requirements.
  • Produce a detailed plan to assess the impact of the change.
  • Execute the plan, report the findings and recommend actions to mitigate risk.

Why Advance7

Delivery of our problem diagnosis services gives us extensive knowledge of the factors that adversely impact IT performance and stability. We use this knowledge to help clients avoid problems that can result from a major change.

Unlike impact assessment services based on mathematical models that can be unreliable, we use real data to deliver reliable results.

Next step

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