Network Trace Analysis – Online Service

Who Is It For?

Our Network Trace Analysis Service (NTAS) is for the Network Manager who is told that a performance or stability problem “must be caused by the network”. Our trace analysis experts analyse packet data to produce annotated evidence that pinpoints the cause of the problem; network or not.

What Does It Do For Me?

This is an online service. You collect packet data and upload it to our secure analysis facility. We’ll analyse the data to quickly determine if the problem is being caused by the network or something else. Our conclusions are backed with evidence to:

  • Stop the blame game
  • Stop the theorising
  • Start fixing the problem

We support packet data from all common sources. Whatever the network, application or infrastructure technology, if you can provide packets, we’ll provide answers.

Instant access, minimal overhead, great results!

What Does the It Deliver?

We deliver a report covering:

  • Findings
  • Conclusions with annotated supporting evidence
  • Actionable recommendations

Each project concludes with a video conference debrief to answer any questions you or your team may have.

Sample Reports

Why Is A Network Trace Analysis Service Needed?

We work with many organisations that have the equipment and skills necessary to collect network packet captures. They are aware of the power of packet analysis, but few are able to gain useful insight from the data.

Let’s look at the challenges of analysing packet capture data:

Network trace analysis case study
  • Unless the analyst studies traces regularly, there is a steep learning curve with every project
  • The analyst, typically a senior engineer, must be given significant time to get up to speed and conduct the analysis
  • Senior engineers are a valuable resource and often key to the success of strategic projects
  • Pulling senior staff onto trace analysis tasks causes delays to strategic projects
  • The tools available can make analysis slow and difficult

Contrast that with our Network Trace Analysis Service, delivered by a team that:

  • Analyses packet traces every day
  • Has full-stack knowledge to give you greater insight into the data
  • Works in more environments in 6 months than a typical engineer will experience in an entire career

Couple these things with our proprietary analysis and automation technology, and you can see how we quickly provide insight you can rely on.

How Does It Work?

This is a simple service; here’s how it works:

  • You collect network trace data for a problem
  • Use a standard browser to login to the NTAS portal
  • A simple workflow prompts for information to provide us with context
  • Through the portal, you upload the collected packet capture files
  • An automated process checks the quality of the data
  • The portal provides a commercial quote within minutes
  • If you are happy with the quote, you simply pay by credit card or PayPal
  • A skilled Performance & Stability Engineer (PSE) performs the network trace analysis
  • The PSE delivers your high-quality report
  • We invite you and your team to a WebEx debrief session

For a demonstration of the service, try this video -


What About Security?

We work for some of the most security sensitive organisations in the world, and so we have a good understanding of what’s required. Click here for details.

What Else Can NTAS Do?

We have bolt-on options to help you:

  • Plan the capture of the correct network data
  • Execute the capture plan
  • Liaise and advise support teams and suppliers

Further details are here.

How Do the Commercials Work?

You can find the Terms & Conditions for the Network Trace Analysis Service here.

Click here for full details of the fee schemes we offer.

Where Can I Find More Info?

Try our Frequently Asked Questions page – Click here.

For guidance on network packet capture, try this section of the TribeLab Community website.