Recent Troubleshooting Projects

Our systematic approach to problem diagnosis means that we can find the root cause of a problem in any IT or ICT system. Here are just some of the problems we have successfully investigated over the last few months:

  • Outlook performance problem
  • Outlook spinning blue circle
  • Outlook slow startup
  • Worksite and Outlook issues
  • B2B eCommerce problem
  • Voice Recording problem
  • Outlook dump analysis
  • Poor VMware VDI performance
  • SOAP method call failure
  • Framework-I performance
  • Applications slow on Vmware ESX
  • Cognos instability
  • Slow Internet performance
  • Intermittent SQL Server slowdown
  • Worksite zero-bytes document generation
  • Google Hangouts call quality
  • VMware Horizon performance issue
  • Atlantis UCX performance-related problem
  • Poor Citrix XenApp performance
  • Goldfish application server thread spikes
  • Exchange 2010 slow performance
  • Nutanix VDI slow response times
  • WPAD proxy selection issue
  • Outlook plugin hang
  • Office plugin hang
  • Chromebox for Meetings call quality
  • Word plugin hang
  • Guidewire ClaimCenter hang
  • Azure performance problem
  • Thunderhead document creation hang
  • Office365 slow startup
  • Oracle database slow performance
  • WinHTTP proxy problem
  • Microsoft Word dump analysis
  • Windows crash dump analysis
  • Remote access performance
  • Slow Internet performance
  • CameronFIX UnmarshalException
  • AWD scanning problems
  • Sharepoint slow performance
  • Microsoft SQL Server BLOB performance
  • Cisco switch high CPU
  • Microsoft Dynamics performance problem

Whether your team is facing a problem similar to those listed above, or something quite different, call us on 01279 211 668.

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