About Us

About Us

At the core of Advance7 is a team of engineers who are passionate about IT troubleshooting. We are constantly striving for faster and more effective ways to investigate and diagnose performance and stability problems. Not only do we use our findings to deliver the best service we can, we also share them with the wider IT community through our education services and channels such as TribeLab.

There’s often a misconception about cross-technology troubleshooting that leads to the belief that our claim is that we have more experience or understanding of a particular technology than in-house support people or those of a supplier. We don’t make that claim – obviously in many cases it would be a ridiculous idea. What we do claim is that we have developed methods, techniques and tools that are highly effective in investigating cross-technology problems.

We consistently stick to a set of principles:

  • Any recommendation we give will be backed by evidence, and here we mean hard data
  • We will give an opinion if asked but we’ll state whether it’s based on experience or evidence
  • Our troubleshooting activity is always based on RPR principles
  • We won’t take on a project where we think others could deliver a better result

We have some great clients who trust us and believe in our approach. We hope to get the opportunity to work with you too.