Senior Site Reliability Engineer

The Role

Advance7 has a position available for a Senior Site Reliability Engineer as a result of the rapid growth of their SRE practice. The role is customer facing and mostly in London requiring very short onsite visits, with a remote working scheme. Call-out support during off-peak times can provide very generous bonuses. This is a fast-growing area for us, and a great opportunity to develop with us.

The key responsibilities of our Site Reliability Engineers include, but are not limited to:

  • Diagnosis of recurring latency (response time) problems, errors and faults
  • Improvements to monitoring systems
  • Automation of diagnostic data capture and analysis
  • Emergency Response to critical instances where the causing technology is not obvious

Advance7 aims for a 50/50 split between reacting to issues and proactive work (improvements and automation).

The Company

Advance7 is an evidence-based IT performance and stability consultancy. With multi-skilled people, proprietary tools developed over 29 years, Advance7 provides a world-leading IT problem solving service. Our Site Reliability Engineers investigate complex performance problems every working day, and that means faster and more effective problem resolution.

We have specialised toolkits, highly skilled Site Reliability Engineers, and our data driven scientific problem diagnosis process. Using these assets, we are able get to the root cause of performance problems faster and more reliably than any other specialist, product or solution available.

The Person

The key skills and qualities of a Senior SRE:

  • Scripting skills in bash, Powershell or Python as well as basic knowledge of J2EE or IIS, relational databases and SQL, and IP networking essential
  • Knowledge of, and experience in, SRE disciplines
  • Education in Maths or Science to an A-Level standard required; degree preferred
  • Demonstrable skills in a mainstream language such as Java or C++, and some experience of writing code is highly desirable
  • Any experience in tools such as R, ELK or Splunk, experience using AWS, Azure or GCP, and any training or certification relating to networks, IP telephony or firewall technology is also advantageous

How to Apply

Send your CV to together with a covering letter explaining why you want this job, and what you think you can bring to the role.