A service that combines people, technology and process to reduce the frequency of performance and reliability incidents.


Despite the availability of APM and machine data analytics tools, why are support teams still on the back foot?

Talking to clients, we discovered four main issues:

  1. The tools are complex and must be operated by specialists
  2. The tools were installed for another reason
  3. There are gaps in capability and coverage
  4. Support people struggle to find meaning in the tool’s output

Clients also tell us that technology-specific tools configured to provide an early warning of problems don’t help either as they overload support teams with irrelevant alerts.

Every IT environment produces terabytes of diagnostic data every day, some of which indicates the cause of the next application problem. If only support teams could make effective use of this data.


Current tools are not supporting operations teams in preventing and addressing application performance and reliability issues. This is due to shortcomings in the technologies, the style of deployment, the limit of coverage or skills issues.

The lack of effective early warning systems means that support teams must react to critical performance and reliability incidents rather than avoid them.  Underlying problems go unnoticed until they become a big issue.

The tools available do not promote an agile approach to application or infrastructure support. Adding cover for new applications and changing existing ones is slow and requires significant work.


Our research has found that more than 30% of critical incidents are predictable by identifying characteristics in diagnostic data.


Our solution uses unique technology, managed by performance and reliability experts, to alert your support staff to these issues and define the area of the problem.  We provide education and playbooks so that your teams can respond effectively.

This is how we address the issues:

Situation Issues Solutions
The available tools are big and complex, requiring dedicated specialists to manage them This solution is fully managed by performance and reliability experts
Use of the tools for operations is not the primary use but an afterthought This solution is designed and optimised for problem early warning
There are gaps in capability and coverage We use and augment a wide range of data sources to minimises this issue
Support people struggle to find meaning in the data the tools deliver We deliver concise information backed with expert advice to give meaning to alerts and metrics


An early adopter was a global financial services company. Within hours of configuring the solution, it began warning of three issues with a critical application:

  • Response time targets were occasionally missed
  • There was an excessive error rate during peak times of the business day
  • The response time for some errors was around 60 seconds indicating a backend timeout

All of this was evident but so far unreported by the users.


The Proactive Performance Management solution is completely scalable, with a straightforward proportional fee structure.

Get off the back foot and take control of the reliability and performance of your critical applications.

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